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Lucca celebrates the feast of the "Virgin of charity and flowers"

Around the Holy image a host of religious stories gathered which make Lucca unique in Tuscany.
Many saints can be reminded: Paolino, bishop and patron of Lucca celebrated on the 12th July; the bishop Frediano who according to tradition changed the course of the river Serchio saving the town from its dangerous waters; Anselmo, Zita, Giovanni, Leonardi, Angelo Orsucci, Maria Domenica Barbantini, the Parish of Viareggio, Elena Guerra, Gemma form a crown of saints that guard on us the new millennium.

The message of ther Holy Face can be found in the patrons religious men,educators missioners, laymen and martyrs.
The life of two women: S. Zita and S. Gemma are particularly emblematic.
Zita was born in Monsagrati and spent her life as the faithful maid of the family Fatinelli. She was charitable and known to all for the help she gave to the poor people.

One miracle, in particular made her famous: she transformed into roses the bread that was sent to the poor.
The remains of St. Zita are in the Basilica of St. Frediano, in a chapel of the family Fatinelli dedicated to her; in it five paintings are dedicated to her miracles. Zita died on the 27th April 1275; in this day every year Lucca celebrates the feast of the "Virgin of charity and flowers" with a great exhibition of flowers.
Gemma was born in 1875 at a Camigliano a village close to Lucca.
At eight she was orphan and afflicted by an awful illness to the backbone from which she miraculously healed. From that moment started the mystic experience: premonitions, blood sweat during her prayers and the appearance of stigmata.
She died at age of 25 from consumption. In 1932 she was beatified and in 1940 proclaimed saint.

A sanctuary was dedicated to her near Porta Elisa in the monastery of the Passionists where there is a rich collection of modern art and jewellery.
The saints of Lucca can be compared to the gates of the town as they let you have the interior vision and comprehension of the the town.
To understand Lucca during the Jubilee, it is also to preceive the precious symphony that springs with a unique voice of Jesus Christ.

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